• The bond we share with pets is pretty amazing. These four-legged creatures are more than just pets. They’re special members of the family and, as such, we want to see them enjoy long, happy lives. At Casa Linda Animal Hospital, a White Rock veterinarian, we’re passionate about animal health care and it shows. We offer the east Dallas community high-tech medicine with a gentle touch in a safe, comfortable environment where people and pets alike can feel at ease. If you’re seeking a White Rock vet that serves the east Dallas community and that you can trust and rely on, give us a try. We’d be honored to accompany you on this incredible journey of pet parenting, providing all the education, support and care needed along the way. Call or visit today!

    Keeping Your Cat Indoors

    Is your cat allowed to roam outdoors? Some kitties really enjoy outdoor kitty sports like chasing moths and leaving pawprints on our cars. However, Fluffy will be both safer and … Read More »


    4 Times to Consider Boarding Your Dog

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    Entertaining Guests When You Own a Pet

    If guests are coming to your home for a party, meal, or special event, it’s important to make some considerations regarding your pets. This way, everything runs smoothly on the … Read More »

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