10 Ways to Keep Your Property Tick Free

Summer is here… and so are the ticks! While these disgusting parasites are a year-round nuisance here in the Lone Star State, they are particularly active in hot weather. Keeping up with your pet’s parasite control products and doing daily tick checks on your pet are both very important. However, there are also some things you can do to make your property less attractive to ticks. A White Rock, TX vet offers advice on keeping your home tick-free in this article.

Keep Grass Trimmed

Ticks love to lurk in tall grasses. Keeping your lawn neatly mowed will help keep these unwanted guests away.

Remove Debris

Dead vegetation can make a very inviting habitat for ticks. Pick up fallen leaves, dead branches, and other debris.

Pick Up Produce

If you have a garden or fruit trees, be sure to pick up any fallen produce. Otherwise, it can attract wild animals that carry ticks.


Make sure that your screens and doors close tightly, and that there aren’t any gaps beneath them. Some ticks are small enough to crawl through the holes in your screen!


Pesticides can of course be very effective at keeping ticks away. Just be careful: many of these products can be toxic to pets! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Birdfeeder Placement

If you have a birdfeeder, make sure it isn’t sitting too close to the house. Birdseed can also attract animals that carry ticks. Plus, the birds themselves can also be infested!

Climbing Plants

Plants or trees that touch your house offer ticks easy access to your home. Keep climbing and overgrown vegetation clipped back.


Ticks don’t like to cross open ground, as they can get dried out in the sun. Installing a three-foot pebble path around your property can also help keep ticks away.

Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle a little food-grade diatomaceous earth around your entryways, and along your windowsills. This is harmless to pets, but is very dangerous to ticks. Just be sure that you and your pet don’t breathe the powder: it isn’t toxic, but isn’t good to inhale too much.

Inside The Home

Vacuuming and dusting regularly will both help get rid of ticks inside your home.

Does your pet need parasite control products or veterinary care? Contact us, your White Rock, TX animal clinic, anytime! We are always happy to help!

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