Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your kitty starting to slow down a bit? Perhaps Fluffy is going grey around the muzzle, and isn’t quite as frisky as she once was. As your cat ages, she’ll still be the same adorable pet as always, but her needs will change a little. Below, a White Rock, TX vet offers advice on keeping your feline buddy happy, healthy, and purring in her senior years.


Proper nutrition will go a long way towards keeping your aging cat healthy. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including advice on when it’s time to put Fluffy on senior-formula pet food.


Somehow, your drowsy feline will manage to sleep even more as she ages. Provide your kitty with lots of soft beds and napping spots.


Make sure Fluffy has plenty of fun kitty toys to play with, and offer her a comfy window seat with a good view, so she can watch birds and squirrels. We also recommend playing with your cat daily. The activity will benefit her both mentally and physically.


Climbing and jumping will become more difficult for Fluffy as she ages. Set out ottomans or footstools, so she can use them as stairs. You may also want to leave a nightlight on after bedtime, so your furball can navigate more easily in the dark.

Veterinary Care

Your cat may need to see the vet more often in her golden years. In between visits, monitor your pet for signs of illness, and contact your vet right away if you notice anything unusual.


Fluffy may have trouble reaching her entire body to groom herself as she ages. Brush your pet regularly to help get the dead fur and dander out of her coat.

Senior Facilities

Sometimes older cats have difficulty getting in and out of litterboxes with high sides. Get your furball a senior-friendly powder room with low walls. If you have more than one floor in your home, keep extra litterboxes on every level.


One of the best things you can do for your aging pet is to simply make her feel loved. Spend time with Fluffy: pet her, play with her, talk to her, and just pay attention to her. Senior kitties are adorable!

Do you have questions or concerns about your senior cat’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your White Rock, TX animal clinic, anytime!

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