8 Ways to Fight Fleas

Summer is coming . . . and so are the fleas and ticks. These disgusting parasites can make your pet horribly itchy, and can also carry diseases or other parasites. Here, a White Rock, TX vet lists some ways to keep your home and property flea-free.

Parasite Control

Always keep up with your pet’s parasite control products. There are many options available, from topical drops to collars to sprays. Never double up on products, however, unless your vet recommends it. For instance, if you use topical drops, don’t also use flea-killing shampoos. This could expose your furry pal to unsafe levels of chemicals. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Lawn Care

Tall grasses make a very inviting habitat for unwanted pests. Keep your lawn neatly mowed will help keep flea numbers down.


Fleas thrive in dark, shady areas. If you have a lot of overhanging branches in your yard, trim some of them back. Also, if you have bushes or plants around your house, keep them trimmed so they don’t touch the walls of your home.


Putting a simple pebble path around your property can also help keep fleas away. Fleas hate being out in the open: they prefer to lurk in tall grasses. They often turn away from boundaries like this.


Vacuuming is a key weapon in the fight against fleas. We recommend doing high-traffic areas and your pet’s favorite hangouts daily. Follow up with more thorough cleanings every week. When you’re done, immediately empty the canister into a plastic bag, then seal that bag and take it outdoors. This will help prevent re-infestation.


If you have fleas in your yard, get a black tarp and spread it out over the problem areas. The tarp will trap heat, which will then kill fleas and flea eggs beneath it. Of course, this works much better in open areas than it does in shaded spots.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance, which is safe for pets but deadly to fleas. Spread some on your windowsills and doorjambs, and along baseboards.


Keep your property clear of debris, such as fallen branches and piles of leaves. Indoors, be sure to keep laundry off the floor. These make ideal habitats for unwanted visitors!

Does your pet need parasite control? Contact us, your White Rock, TX pet hospital, today. We’re here to help!

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