6 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Shelter Cat

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! This is one cause we are happy to support! There are simply far too many sweet, lovable kitties in shelters, hoping that someone will give them a new lease on life. Adoption is a great way to find your new pet. It’s also quite a rewarding and beautiful experience. Here, a White Rock, TX vet lists some things you learn when you adopt from a shelter.

Saving A Pet Is A Wonderful Experience

If you’re an animal lover, like we are, it’s probably safe to say you’d like to help every animal in need. While that task is simply too much for any one person, you can definitely make a huge difference to that one special kitty. It’s a truly beautiful feeling to see a cat flourish in a great loving home.

Cats Are Very Grateful

People often report that pets they’ve adopted from shelters are extremely loving and loyal. Dogs and cats are both smart and intuitive, and know when someone has helped them. As soon as your kitty realizes that she’s been saved, she may become your number one fan.

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Kitties often end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Some were lost, some were abandoned, and others have been turned in by their owners. Giving a cute furbll a chance to purr, pounce, and be happy is a beautiful act of kindness!

Love Grows Quickly

It doesn’t take kitties very long to wrap their humans around their little paws. Fluffy has a way of melting our hearts, even when she’s not really doing much aside from sleeping and looking cute. It may not take very long for you and your furry buddy to form that special, unconditional bond people and pets often share.

Cats Are Hilarious

Okay, you don’t need to adopt a shelter kitty to know this. However, your new pet will definitely have her own unique purrsonality, and will likely have a few adorable quirks that keep you laughing.

Kitties Are One Of Life’s Best Gifts

Cats are extremely popular pets, and with good reason. They’re not only absolutely adorable, they’re lovable, clean, and full of adorable quirks. Fluffy just may be the purrfect pet!

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