Fluffy’s Plans for World Domination

Did you know that June 24th is Cat World Domination Day? Are kitties trying to take over the world? If Fluffy did manage to seize control of the planet, what would she do? A local White Rock, TX vet offers some educated guesses below.

Catnip Parks

If our feline buddies were able to suddenly seize control of the world, we suspect they’d make some pretty interesting changes to our agricultural practices. Every house would have patches of catnip and cat grass. There would also be kitty parks, where Fluffy could sniff catnip to her little heart’s desire.

Catios Everywhere

Cats are much safer living indoors, but they really enjoy being able to explore the Great Outdoors. If Fluffy had her way, every house would have two or three catios, complete with kitty gardens, fish ponds, catwalks, and, of course, lots of warm, cozy beds.


Kitties love having some things they don’t have to share with their humans. If Fluffy ruled the world, there would be cat furniture in every room!

Dog-Free Zones

Fluffy and Fido have had a fairly rocky relationship over the years. While some kitties are best friends with their canine roommates, we suspect that our feline pals would waste no time banishing Fido to his doghouse!


Does your cat ever meow in protest when you have to move her mid-nap? Do you feel bad getting up when your kitty is sleeping in your lap? Our feline rulers may move to pass laws making it illegal to disturb a cat at rest!


Playing isn’t just fun for kitties: it’s also great for them, both physically and mentally. Fluffy may very well decree that you would have to spend a certain amount of time playing with her every day.


If there’s one area where cats are actually making progress at world domination, it’s the internet. If Fluffy had anything to say about it, every site on the web would be full of kitties. Television programming would also be focused on documentaries about birds and squirrels.


One of Fluffy’s best qualities is the fact that she loves to cuddle. Your feline overlord may demand that you spend a certain amount of time each day petting her and giving her ear scritches.

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