Kitty Obesity

Does your kitty make a loud thump when she jumps off something? Is Fluffy turning into a furry little butterball? Cats are very, very good at getting us to pamper them. In fact, many of our furry patients have their humans wrapped around their paws, especially when it comes to food. However, while chubby cats are cute, your feline pal will be much healthier staying close to her ideal weight. Here, a White Rock, TX vet discusses kitty obesity.


Fat cats face some pretty serious health issues! If your pet is overweight, she’ll face elevated risks of heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney issues, respiratory problems, and bone/joint trouble, such as arthritis. Those extra pounds also increase your cat’s chances of complications after surgery or anesthesia, make her more likely to develop certain cancers, and can even shorten her lifespan.


Fluffy’s diet will have a huge effect on her weight. Pay close attention to your cat’s serving sizes: giving your kitty just a little too much food every day can cause her to quickly pack on the pounds. You may also find it interesting to note that cats who only eat kibble may be more likely to gain weight than furballs who eat canned food or a mix. This is because dry cat food often has a lot of carbs, which can cause weight gain. However, any changes in your furball’s diet should be made slowly. Rapid changes to your kitty’s meal plan can upset that cute furry tummy. Follow your vet’s recommended nutritional advice. This is especially important if you think your pet needs to lose weight. Cats have to trim down slowly in order to drop pounds without endangering their health.


We know, for many cats, a daily workout regime consists of jumping up onto couches, chairs, and their owners’ laps, and perhaps occasionally batting at a catnip toy. You may have to trick your furball into staying active. Take time to play with Fluffy daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Pouncing and running are actually great exercise! You can also keep your pet moving by getting her lots of fun toys to attack, as well as some furniture that encourages her to jump and climb. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your cat’s diet? Please contact us, your White Rock, TX pet clinic, anytime!

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