Dogust: Celebrating Shelter Dog Birthdays

Did you know that August 1st is a special day for many of our canine friends? This is known as Dogust, and it’s when the birthdays of shelter dogs are celebrated. If you got your furry buddy from a shelter, take some time to pamper your pup on this special day. An East Dallas, TX vet offers tips on doing that in this article.


Toys are of course fun for Fido, but they’re also very beneficial for him. Treat your pup to a fun new plaything. There are some great modern toys, like automated laser pointers and mechanical ball launchers. Classic doggy toys, like rope toys and balls, are always fine.


One surefire way to get your canine buddy’s cute tail going is to give him a yummy snack. You can buy him some special treats, like doggy ice cream. Or, you can offer him some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry. A plain burger or hot dog is fine. If you like cooking, you can also make Fido’s snacks. Look online for recipes and ideas. Just be sure to stick to dog-safe ingredients.


As far as Fido is concerned, a comfy doggy bed is one of the finer things of life. Older dogs and large breeds may appreciate the extra support of an orthopedic bed, while littler dogs may like beds with raised edges.


Why not make your canine buddy his own birthday cake? Look online for recipes and ideas. Don’t forget to get a picture of Fido with his special treat!

Splash Pool

Many of our four-legged pals love to splash and play in kiddie pools. This would be a great birthday gift for Fido!

Doggy Luxury Items

Is Fido a senior? If so, pet ramps or stairs may make a good gift. Older dogs may also appreciate a soothing massage.

Fun Excursion

We love seeing shelter pets get second chances to play and explore new places. Take Fido to a doggy park, or explore a new trail with him!

Quiet Time

All dogs really want out of life is to spend time with their human friends … and score as many treats and belly rubs as possible. Spend some quality time with Fido, and offer him lots of attention. Dogs truly are special friends!

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