Fido’s Fitness Needs

Is your dog a bouncing ball of zoom? Or is Fido more of a couch potato? No matter how energetic—or lazy—your canine companion is, he will need some form of activity to stay healthy and happy. Regular exercise will keep your pet’s bones and muscles strong. It’s also great for his circulation and respiratory systems. Plus, the activity will help your furry friend burn off his excess energy, leaving him calmer and better behaved, and therefore much less likely to get into mischief. A White Rock, TX vet discusses Fido’s workouts below.

Choosing Proper Activity

Your canine pal’s activity needs will depend on his age, weight, breed, and health. Most pups need at least a daily walk. Not all dogs are well-suited for vigorous activity, though. Small dogs, for instance, can get quite a workout in just by running around the house, though they’ll still benefit from the mental stimulation of daily walks. Large breeds, on the other hand, should not be encouraged to jump or stand very much, especially when they are young, as this can be very hard on their bones and joints. And some dogs, like brachycephalic pooches, lose their breath very easily, and just aren’t cut out for strenuous activity. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Hyper Dogs

If your furry buddy has more energy than you do, tire him out with games like Fetch. Another option is to hold a laser pointer for him to chase. That way, Fido does all the work, while you stay relatively stable. Some pooches even enjoy walking or running on a treadmill. However, if you want to try this with your dog, you’ll need to supervise him closely. Also, be sure to remove his collar first.

Doggy Sports

Some of our canine friends are very athletic. Fido can make a great hiking companion or jogging buddy, as long as your vet gives you the all-clear. He also likes to swim! Your pup may even enjoy doggy sports, like agility training. Just be sure to build your furry pal’s endurance up slowly. Pay close attention to Fido, and make sure he isn’t overexerting himself. If he starts panting heavily or lagging behind, take a water break, and then head for home.

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