5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Of course it’s also National Italian Cheese Month and International Square Dancing Month, but we’ll stick to what we know best: kitties. Read on as a East Dallas, TX vet offers some advice on keeping your feline overlord content, purring, and healthy.

Basic TLC

First things first. Offer your furry buddy high-quality, nourishing food, and make sure that she always has fresh water and a clean litterbox. Making sure that Fluffy sees the vet regularly is also important. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Cats love to lounge about, but they still need some form of stimulation. Fluffy will get bored with nothing to watch or play with! Give your cute pet lots of fun toys, and take time to play with her regularly. Even a few minutes of pouncing and jumping will be beneficial. Your furry pal will also appreciate a window with a good view. Kitties love birdwatching!


Your pet won’t hesitate to make herself comfortable on your things, but she’ll still benefit from having some things that she doesn’t have to share with her humans. Cat towers are great, because they serve several purposes. They provide Fluffy with kitty lookouts, napping spots, manicure stations, and jungle gyms. Kitties also approve of pet tents or tipis, kitty condos, and catwalks. Of course, your furball will also need lots of beds and cozy napping spots. On a tight budget? Go the DIY route! You may be surprised at how many great ideas you can find online.

Keep Kitty In

We know, Fluffy loves fun outdoor activities, like chasing moths and leaving ‘presents’ on your doorstep. However, your furry little friend will be much healthier—not to mention safer—living indoors, where she is protected from cars, weather, predators, and other dangers.


Cats may pretend to be cold and aloof, but they are really very affectionate. Spend time with your furball every day, and pay attention to her, so she feels loved and safe. Many kitties really love to snuggle up on their humans. Fluffy also enjoys it when her humans talk to her. She may even answer back!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can ever be of assistance. As your East Dallas, TX veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to keeping our furry patients happy and healthy.

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