Tips for Choosing a Scratching Post

Do you often find your feline buddy clawing and scratching your furniture? Fluffy’s nail care habits aren’t winning her many points among her human pals. However, if you want your furry little diva to stop scratching your belongings, you’ll need to offer her a suitable manicure station. Read on for some tips from an East Dallas, TX vet on choosing your kitty’s scratching post.

Choose Something Sturdy

One thing that is very important is making sure your pet’s manicure station is nice and sturdy. Cats often get wary of scratching posts that wobble. Your furry pal may avoid her post if it shakes.

Consider Going The DIY Route

One easy way to make your pet a scratching post is to simply glue a piece of carpet to a smooth board. Then, just hang the board on the wall. Voila! (Note: cats like to stretch when they do their nails, so you’ll want to put it just above your furball’s head.) You can also make Fluffy a scratching post or cat tower by wrapping carpet or sisal rope around a PVC pipe. This also works with bookcases, storage racks, and stepladders. Just add planks to make kitty lounging spots.

Get A Cat Tower

Cat towers are a great option for kitty nail care stations. Your feline pal will also gain a napping spot, jungle gym, and a lookout point. Just keep your cat’s age and purrsonality in mind when picking a tower. Kittens may want activity centers that incorporate lots of toys, while an older cat may be more interested in gaining some extra napping spots. If you have a shy furball, get one with an enclosed area.

Try A Scratching Board

You can find scratching boards made of corrugated cardboard in many grocery markets. These are quite inexpensive, and don’t take up very much space. Of course, they won’t last as long as a cat tower, but if your furry buddy likes hers, it may do the trick.

Sweeten The Deal

To encourage your furry friend to use her scratching post, sprinkle catnip around it and offer her toys and treats near it. It also won’t hurt to compliment Fluffy, and tell her she’s the prettiest, sweetest cat ever. Our feline overlords absolutely love being praised!

Please feel free to call us, your local East Dallas, TX pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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