Fido’s Doggy Bed

Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping? Fido will most likely take some of those naps sprawled out on your kitchen or living room floor, but he’ll also enjoy settling down in his own doggy bed. Read on as a White Rock, TX vet discusses—you guessed it—doggy beds.

Picking Your Pup’s Bed

While Fido will probably flop down on any bed you bring home, doggy beds really aren’t one-size-fits all. Older dogs and large breeds will benefit from the extra support of comfy orthopedic beds. Pups with thin coats may appreciate thermal or heated beds. If your canine pal tends to stomp his bed down by turning in circles before he settles down, he may like a beanbag bed. Pooches that sprawl out, on the other hand, might prefer plain beds. Observe your pet’s sleeping habits, and pick a bed that suits him.

Cleaning The Bed

Dog beds can quickly get smelly. They can also harbor fleas and ticks. Plus, they tend to get covered in dog hair. If your canine buddy’s bed is too big to put into the wash, get a removable slipcover for it. You can also clean your furry pal’s bed by vacuuming it. Some beds can be steam cleaned, or even hosed off, but you’ll need to check the label for instructions. Inspect your four-legged friend’s bed regularly. When it starts getting flat or torn, it’s time to replace it.

DIY Options

If you’re a crafty type, you can make your canine companion’s bed. You’ll find some great ideas online! This is also a great way to put Fido’s bed into a frame. For smaller dogs, you can upcycle an end table, hard-shell suitcase, or even a hatbox. Medium sized pups may enjoy a bed made out of a repurposed coffee table. For large breeds, look into building a pallet bed, or use an old, clean tractor tire.

Beds, Beds, and More Beds

There’s no law that says dogs should only have one bed. Why not get your pooch a couple? It’s always good to have choices. Multiple beds are also great options for pups who share their homes with feline roommates. Fluffy is notorious for stealing Fido’s bed!

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