5 Things Your Dog Would Tell You If He Could Talk

Dogs have stood loyally at our sides from the beginning of history. In fact, we domesticated Fido about 30,000 years ago. In that time, Man’s Best Friend has become our faithful friend and companion, offering us unconditional love and devotion. Although we can communicate with dogs to some extent, we’re left to reading Fido’s behavior and body language when trying to figure out how he feels. What do you think your pup would tell you if he could speak? A White Rock, TX vet makes some suggestions below.

Thank You

Your furry best friend understands all you do for him, and is always grateful for the love and care you offer. Fido is also pretty thrilled with his toys and doggy treats! Your pooch probably shows his gratitude in some pretty adorable ways, like tail wags and puppy kisses, but he would also tell you directly if he could.

You Are My Everything

Fido is extremely loyal and loving, and really wants nothing more than to hang out with you. Whether you’re just relaxing at home, or going to a park, the highlight of your pet’s day is the time you spend together.

I’ll Always Be Here For You

Dogs are very intuitive, and have a way of knowing when their humans are feeling blue. Fido may stick closer to you than usual if he senses that you’re sad. He may also put a paw on your leg, or just offer extra snuggles. That unconditional love and support is a wonderful gift in hard times.

I’m Trying To Be Good

Our canine pals are wonderful pets, but they aren’t perfect, any more than we are. Sooner or later, Fido will do something wrong. He may eat your shoes, chase the cat, or make a mess on the floor. Don’t punish your pup for these mistakes. Focus on rewarding good behavior, and, if need be, work on training. Nobody’s perfect!

I Love You

Fido has some pretty adorable ways of expressing his love. He may wag his tail, follow you around, snuggle up with you, or jump for joy when he sees you. That said, if your pooch could talk, we suspect this would be one of the first things he would say.

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