Summertime Cat Care Tips

Summer isn’t far off now! This can be a dangerous time of year for cats. After all, Fluffy is wearing a fur coat, and doesn’t really have many ways to cool herself down. Read on as a White Rock, TX vet offers some advice on caring for your kitty in summer.

Keep Kitty In

In summer, Fluffy will be much more comfortable in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. If you do let her out, limit her outdoor time during the hottest parts of the day. Of course, we recommend keeping cats indoors no matter what the weather is like. This will also keep your feline pal safe from other hazards, such as cars and predators.

Offer Fresh Water

Fresh water is crucial to your furball’s health for many reasons, but it’s even more critical when it’s hot out. Feel free to drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s bowl on sweltering days. You can also give her some sodium-free beef, chicken, or fish broth.

Cold Treat

Who doesn’t like a cold treat in summer? Fluffy may appreciate some chilled cat milk or tuna in water. You can also drop an ice cube into her water bowl.

Preventative Care

Many parasites thrive in hot weather. Fleas and ticks, for instance, come out in droves in summer. Keep up with your cat’s parasite control products! It’s also important to stay current with Fluffy’s vaccinations. This will keep your furry buddy protected from dangerous diseases, such as rabies.

Cool Cat

Our feline friends are absolute masters at making themselves comfortable. If you let Fluffy roam freely throughout your house, she’ll naturally seek out the coolest spots. You may find your adorable pet sprawled out on your bathroom or kitchen floor, because tile naturally stays cool. (Kitties also like to be in the way whenever possible, but that’s beside the point.)

Brush Your Pet

Brushing your feline buddy regularly will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, which will help keep her cooler. This is also a good way to spend time with Fluffy, and get her motor running. Pick a time when your kitty is relaxed. (This shouldn’t be difficult, as cats spend most of their time relaxing.) Gently brush her, going in the direction of her coat.

Please reach out to us, your local White Rock, TX pet clinic, anytime. We are always here to help!

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