Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 17th is Take Your Dog To Work Day! This fun unofficial holiday is a great way to honor our canine pals, who have been our faithful friends for thousands of years. Of course, in older times, Fido used to come to work with us every day, helping us farm, hunt, herd cattle, and track game. Nowadays, most of our furry buddies stay home and nap while we go off to earn money for doggy treats and pet food. Read on as a local White Rock, TX vet discusses taking your dog to work.

Fido’s Application

You’ll of course need to get permission from your boss before bringing Fido to work with you. We also recommend checking with your co-workers. If any of them are allergic to or frightened of dogs, it’s best to play it safe and leave your pooch at home. Your furry pal’s personality is also something to consider. If he is loud, rambunctious, aggressive, and/or easily frightened, he may not be right for the job.

Getting Ready

Before bringing Fido in to work, make sure he is fixed, microchipped, wearing ID, and current on all of his vaccines and parasite control. You’ll also want to give him a bath before his first day. Also, if your furry friend doesn’t know basic commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, finish his education, and bring him in next year.

Fido’s Lunch Bag

You’ll need to bring some supplies for your canine friend. A comfy bed is a must. Fido will also need food, water, dishes, treats, and a few toys.

Dog On The Job

Keep Fido close to you throughout the day. Your pup won’t make many friends if he is going through your co-workers’ trash bins or begging for their lunches!


Before heading in to work, take Fido for a long walk, and get him moving with a fun play session. If your dog is tired by the time you get in, he’ll likely spend the morning napping. You’ll also need to take him out on your other breaks. Be sure to arrange this with your co-workers.

Escape Plan

Have a friend, family member, or pet-sitter on standby. That way, Fido can be picked up early if needed.

Please call us, your White Rock, TX vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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