Crate Training Tips

Is your dog crate trained? If not, we recommend doing this as soon as possible. Crate training will make it easier for Fido to accept being crated at the vet’s or groomers, or while traveling. Plus, many dogs enjoy having their own little den they can go to when they feel scared or just want to rest. A White Rock, TX veterinarian offers some crate training tips in this article.

Get The Right Size

Bigger is usually better when it comes to pet habitats or cages. That isn’t the case with crates, however. If it’s too big, your pup will think of it as a room, and won’t feel as safe. If Fido is a puppy, buy a crate that will still work when he’s fully grown. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy another one!

Make It Inviting

Once you have the right crate, make it comfy and cozy for Fido. Add soft bedding, and some fun doggy toys.

Keep It Positive

One common mistake is using the crate as punishment. If you only put Fido into his crate when he’s bad, he may form a negative association with it. That’s the last thing you want! Also, be careful not to leave your dog crated too long. Ask your vet for advice.

Use Treats And Food

One way to help Fido think of his crate as a comfy little den is to give him treats and meals inside it. At first, toss a snack into the crate. Your canine pal will most likely go into the crate willingly to get it. Then, start giving your pooch his meals in the crate.

Start With An Open Door

Don’t immediately shut Fido inside his crate. At first, let him go in and out as he pleases. You can then start shutting the door while he is eating in his crate. Gradually increase the amount of time that your furry buddy is in his crate.

Teach A Command

Teach your pet to go into his crate on command. Pick a phrase, such as ‘Go to your crate’ or ‘Crate time.’ Don’t make it too long! Use the same phrase every time, as otherwise you may confuse your canine companion. Toss a treat into the crate, and say the command. Keep doing this until Fido has it down.

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