6 Ways to Prevent Your Cat From Becoming Obese

Did you know that Pet Obesity Awareness Day was October 9th? Obesity is a major epidemic among our furry friends. In fact, well over half of these little furballs are overweight or obese. Fluffy will still be cute if she gets a bit pudgy, but those extra pounds are definitely not good for her health. Of course, it’s much easier to keep a kitty at or near her ideal weight than to try and reverse a significant weight gain. Here, a White Rock, TX vet offers tips on keeping your pet from becoming obese.

Portion Control

Serving sizes play a huge role in your kitty’s weight. Even giving Fluffy just ten calories too much each day can cause her to gain a pound every year. That’s a lot for a cat! Follow your vet’s recommendations.

Don’t Fall For The Meow

Some of our feline friends are very, very enthusiastic about food. Kitties can also be quite theatrical. If your furball wants food, she may run out in front of you, give a heartbreakingly pitiful meow, or just sit in front of her bowl and stare at you. If Fluffy just ate, it’s probably safe to say that she is nowhere near as hungry as she is pretending to be.

Kitty Furniture

Get Fluffy a few things that she can climb, like a cat tower or a kitty shelf. This is a great way to keep your feline buddy active!


Activity is very important to your cat’s overall health. Take a few minutes a day to hold a laser pointer or wand toy for Fluffy. You can also toss a crumpled-up piece of paper down the hall. Chances are, your cute pet won’t be able to resist running after it. Some kitties even play Fetch!


Did you know that cats tend to snack out of boredom, just like people do? While playing with Fluffy is important, you’ll also want to make sure that she has ways to entertain herself while you’re out.

Limit Treats

Snacks are great, but don’t go overboard here. Treats should only comprise about 5 percent of your kitty’s daily caloric intake. Spoil your furry buddy with toys, treats, catnip, and love, rather than with food.

Please contact us, your White Rock, TX vet clinic, anytime. We’re happy to answer questions about your cat’s diet or care!

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