Fluffy’s Beauty Care Regimen

One of the best things about our feline friends is the fact that they are so clean. Your kitty` will take time every day to carefully clean her fur. However, Fluffy could still use a bit of help. Here, a local East Dallas, TX vet discusses Fluffy’s beauty care needs.


Brushing Fluffy regularly will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This will help prevent hairballs, which happen when cats swallow too much fur. It’s also a great way for you to spend time with your cute pet, and make her feel loved. Choose a time when your kitty is relaxed, and gently brush her, going in the direction of her fur.


Although you don’t absolutely have to bathe your cat, you can if you want to, as long as your vet gives the green light. If you have a kitten, it may be a good idea to get her used to the idea. This will make life easier on your future self if Fluffy ever gets something on her fur that would necessitate a bath. Be sure to use warm—not hot—water and shampoos made specifically for pets.

Eye Care

You generally shouldn’t need to do much for your cat’s eyes. Kitties with long fur sometimes get tearstains, especially if their fur keeps getting in their eyes. If you notice stains or gunk around Fluffy’s eyes, gently remove it with a damp, clean cotton pad. However, if your furry friend’s eyes are runny, swollen, or red, or if she has a lot of eye gunk, contact your vet immediately.


Generally, Fluffy will take care of her own ears. Just keep an eye out for signs of issues, such as mites or infections. If you notice anything unusual, such as a foul odor or discoloration, consult your vet.

Dental Care

Did you know that dental problems are very common in kitties? Just like people, Fluffy can suffer from painful dental issues. The best way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy is by gently brushing her teeth with a pet toothbrush and kitty toothpaste. However, if your attempts to do this didn’t end well, you can offer her dental-formula treats. Oral rinses may also help. Ask your vet for more information.

Please reach out to us, your local East Dallas, TX vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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