Playing With A Senior Cat

Is your cat entering her golden years? Just like people, kitties usually slow down as they age. Playing will still be beneficial for your feline pal as she grows older. However, you may need to handle Fluffy’s playtime a bit differently. A White Rock, TX vet discusses playing with senior cats in this article.

Know The Benefits

Playing really is great for cats. The activity keeps their muscles and joints healthy, and helps prevent obesity. Playing also provides your furball with mental stimulation. Kitties have to concentrate to land those tricky pounces! This is good for Fluffy’s mind, and can help ward off cognitive decline. Think of it as the feline version of doing puzzles. Last but not least, playing keeps our four-legged friends happy, and stops them from feeling bored or stressed.

Schedule Kitty Playtime

Cats are creatures of habit, and tend to do best on a set routine. Make it a habit to play with Fluffy every day.

Consult Fluffy’s Vet

Make sure to take Fluffy to the vet regularly. You’ll want to get the vet’s all-clear before indulging your cute pet in vigorous play. Don’t be afraid to ask what types of activities are suitable for your kitty. That’s what we’re here for!

Keep It Short And Sweet

Fluffy’s play sessions needn’t be very long. Your furball may very well decide she’s done after just a few minutes. That’s purrfectly fine! Even five minutes a day will help.

Watch For Pain

Sometimes cats lose interest in play. This is sometimes because of pain. In senior pets, arthritis is often—though not always—the culprit. This painful condition can really put a damper on your feline friend’s friskiness! Fortunately, many older kitties will benefit from specific treatments and/or products. These may range from supplements to massage to specific diets. Ask your vet for more information.

Choosing Toys

Classic kitty toys, like catnip mice and wand toys, will always be popular among our feline buddies. However, your cat’s taste in toys may change over time. Fluffy may start preferring toys that light up or make noise, as they’re easier for her to track. Feel free to experiment, and see what your furball likes best. Remember to change your pet’s toys out regularly to keep things fun and fresh for her.

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