5 Ways to Manage Destructive Chewing in Dogs

Have you recently come home to find that your dog has chewed up your shoes? Is your pup actually eating your kids’ homework? Fido is a great pet, but he isn’t perfect. One thing that frustrates many dog owners is chewing. An East Dallas, TX vet offers some tips on curbing inappropriate chewing below.


Puppyproofing will help you protect both your pet and your belongings. Keep anything that could be harmful to Fido out of paws’ reach. This includes things like toxic plants, medicines, chemicals, and anything small or sharp. You’ll also want to put away personal items, like shoes, purses, and clothing, as well as anything valuable.

Provide Lots Of Toys

Fido will be much more likely to get into mischief if he doesn’t have anything to amuse himself with. Offer your furry pal lots of toys. Rotate your dog’s playthings every few days, so he doesn’t get tired of them. Puzzle toys can be a great option here, as they can keep dogs occupied for hours.

Provide Proper Chews

Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs, and it does have some benefits. It will keep your pet’s gums strong and help stimulate the flow of saliva, which will keep his teeth clean. This is definitely a case of ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’ Offer your canine pal plenty of safe, suitable chews. There are a few things to keep in mind here, however. First and foremost, never give your pooch cooked bones. These can splinter into shards that can cause serious—and potentially fatal—injuries. You’ll also need to be careful with things like rawhide chews and pig ears. Dogs can chip pieces off these and ingest them, which can be dangerous. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Use Taste Deterrents

Use taste deterrents on items your canine buddy just can’t seem to resist. It’s worth noting that this, in and of itself, usually isn’t enough to stop problematic chewing.

Don’t Confuse Fido

At first thought, it may seem to make sense to give Fido discarded items, like old shoes. However, this is actually a huge ‘Don’t.’ Your pooch won’t know—or care—about the difference between old shoes and new ones.

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