Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

April 30 is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your home, please consider going through a shelter. Here, an East Dallas, TX vet lists some great reasons to adopt a shelter pet.

Save A Life

There’s something truly magical about the bond between people and pets. Our furry friends really only want someone to love them and give them toys, treats, and ear scritches! When you adopt a shelter pet, you’re giving that one dog or cat a new lease on life, and a second chance at happiness. Adopting one is a wonderful thing to do, and it’s definitely something you can feel great about.

Promote Good Animal Welfare

Adopting from shelters is a great way to help other animals. For one thing, you’ll be freeing up much-needed space, and therefore giving another homeless pet a chance to get adopted. Plus, your pet’s adoption fees will help the shelter care for other animals in need, rather than padding the pockets of an unscrupulous breeder or pet store owner.

Pick Your Perfect Pet

Shelters have pets of all shapes and sizes, and often even have specific breeds. It may not take you long at all to find what you want. You’ll also be able to spend some time with your new four-legged friend before finalizing the adoption. This is very important! Adoption is forever, so you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right pet.

Make A Difference

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that, like us, you love animals, and wish that every homeless dog and cat could have a happily ever after. While no one person can save every pet, even adopting just one dog or cat will make a difference. You may not change the world by signing those adoption papers, but you will change that one pet’s world.

Find A Forever Friend

Shelter pets often make the best pets, because they are so grateful for the love and care they get. Animals know when someone has helped them! Even if your pet is shy and timid at first, with TLC, time, and patience, you’ll watch your new furry friend blossom. This is a beautiful and rewarding experience.

Please contact us, your East Dallas, TX pet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to offering excellent veterinary care! 

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