Fluffy’s Pet Peeves

Cats are quite opinionated little furballs. Kitties are all very unique, and they all have their own individual purrsonalities, quirks, and mannerisms. However, our feline pals do agree on quite a few things. A local White Rock, TX vet lists a few of Fluffy’s pet peeves below.


While some kitties, such as the Bengal, apparently never got this memo, most of our feline buddies are definitely not fans of getting wet. You can’t really blame them for this. Bodies of water can be quite dangerous for cats. They may have strong currents, or be hiding predators. Of course, Fluffy also doesn’t look her best when she’s soaking wet.

Loud Noises

Cats like their kingdoms nice and quiet. Your furball may hightail it for her favorite hiding spot if you drop a pan or turn the TV up too loud. (This makes perfect sense, given that Fluffy spends roughly 99 percent of her time napping.)

Incorrect Attention

Too much attention, too little attention, and the wrong kind of attention are all serious grievances to our feline overlords. Remember, it’s always up to Fluffy to dictate when cuddle time stops and starts. Anything else will just rub her the wrong way. Literally.


Some kitties do become quite close to their canine roommates. Others just find them uncouth and annoying. (To be fair, dogs aren’t always thrilled when their feline ‘siblings’ claw their noses or pounce on their tails.)

Car Rides

Speaking of Fido, car rides are one thing that our canine and feline patients couldn’t disagree more on. Many pups absolutely love going for drives. Cats, however, seem to think of cars as evil machines that are hurtling them to certain doom.

Nap Interruptions

Kitties are always on the lookout for comfy new napping spots. Sooner or later, Fluffy will doze off on something that really isn’t supposed to be a bed, such as your laptop. If you move your sleepy pet mid-nap, you may very well get a little meow of protest. The indignity!

Other Cats

Our feline friends are extremely territorial about their domains and humans. Fluffy can morph from a cuddly furball into a hissing tempest of fur and claws at the mere sight of another cat in her yard!

Please reach out to us, your local White Rock, TX vet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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