Pet Hydration Awareness Month

July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month! Hydration is always important, but it’s particularly crucial in summer. Our animal companions have fur coats on, and they can’t sweat to cool themselves off the way we can. Panting helps a bit, but it’s not really enough to keep pets from overheating. Making sure your four-legged pal stays hydrated is really the best thing you can do to protect them from that scorching Texas heat. A local White Rock, TX vet offers some tips on that below.

Water Bowls

First and foremost, be sure to keep your pet’s water bowls full. If your furry buddy is allowed to go outside, you’ll need to make sure they always have water bowls available outdoors as well. Wash these bowls daily, as otherwise they’ll gather dirt, bugs, and bacteria. Yuck!

Pet Fountains

Many pets prefer to drink running water. This may be an instinctive behavior left over from when Fluffy and Fido ran wild, as still water is more likely to be contaminated than running water. Why not get your four-legged friend a fountain to drink from? If you have a dog, you can get your canine companion a fountain that releases water when he steps on a plate. Needless to say, this is a great way to keep Fido hydrated. It’s also adorable to watch!


In summer, opt for treats that have a high water content. For instance, you can pour some sodium-free broth over kibble, treats, or shredded meat, and freeze overnight. You can also add water or broth to canned food or tuna and freeze that in small portions. Or, just offer Fido or Fluffy a bowl of chilled broth.


Drop an ice cube or two into your pet’s bowl on hot days. Fido may also want to chew on a few ice cubes. This is fine, but don’t give him too many at once. As for Fluffy, she may enjoy batting one around. This may not help much for hydration, but, since kitties regulate their temperature through their paws, it will help cool her off … and keep her entertained.

Doggy On The Go

Whenever you bring Fido off your property, bring water along for him. Consider getting a water bottle with an attached dispenser. These are very convenient!

Please contact us, your local White Rock, TX vet clinic, anytime. We’re always happy to help! 

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