Cute Ways to Keep Fido Cool

Summer can be pretty tough on our canine companions. Fido can’t sweat to cool himself off, and can get hot pretty quickly in that fur coat. Read on as a local White Rock, TX vet lists some great ways to keep your furry buddy comfortable in the heat.


First and foremost, make sure that Fido always has plenty of fresh water. Your pooch may need more than one watering station. If you have a yard, put water bowls outdoors as well as inside.

Summer ‘Do

Your canine buddy may be cuter with a summer haircut. This is not recommended for all dogs, however: some pooches really should never be cut. In fact, clipping can damage some pups’ coats. Check with your vet before clipping Fido. That said, if you get the all-clear, experiment with a fun look. You can make your furry friend look like a lion or a dinosaur. If you want to spend the next few months laughing uncontrollably, ask for the latest trend: round haircuts.

Kiddie Pool

Does your four-legged friend love to swim? If you don’t have a pool, you can still help your furry best friend have some fun on hot days. Get your pooch a kiddie pool or let him play around in the spray from a hose.

Cooling Vest

As the name suggests, cooling vests keep dogs cool. Some you soak with water before putting them on Fido. Others you would keep in the freezer. Just be sure to get one that’s the right size.


Did you know that you can get your canine pal his own pet fountain? Some of these spray water when dogs step on the pads. Needless to say, this is super cute to watch!

Bandana Pup

This one’s both cute and easy. Wet a bandana, and tie it around Fido’s neck. Done!

Cold Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream on a sweltering day? One great way to get Fido happy dancing is to get him a cold treat. You can find doggy ice cream in many stores. You can also make your own. Look online for recipe ideas. Just be sure to stick to ingredients that are safe for Man ‘s Best Friend!

Please reach out to us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local White Rock, TX veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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