5 Fun Facts About Calico Cats

Is your furry friend a calico? If so, it’s safe to say that you have a pretty pet! A local White Rock, TX vet lists some fun facts about calico kitties in this article.

Top Cat

Calico kitties can lay claim to a few special distinctions. In fact, Fluffy is the state cat of Maryland! In 2001, when the matter was put to a vote, Marylanders chose calico cats because their coats match the colors of the state bird, the Baltimore oriole. (We suspect that the birds would have been less than thrilled about this.)

Girls Club

Did you know that male calicos are quite rare? Over 99 percent of these pretty kitties are girls. Or, to put it a different way, only 1 in 3000 calicos is male. This is because of the genetics behind those color genes. Those rare boy calicos can’t be bred, as they are always sterile. They also tend to have shorter lifespans than their female counterparts, though great care will help a lot with that.


Calico cats aren’t a breed, any more than black cats are a specific breed. That means that there really aren’t any specific traits associated with that pretty coat pattern. Just like any other furball, calico cats are all unique individuals. Of course, people with calico cats may very well insist that their furballs are extremely adorable, loving, and playful. They wouldn’t be wrong, either!

Multicolored Kitties

Calico cats can sport a variety of patterns. The most common types have coats that are orange, white, and black. Fluffy can also have red, brown, or cream colors, but to technically qualify as calico, the coat must include white. Calico kitties also have several different names, including brindle, tricolor, piebald, and money cats.

Lucky Charms

We like to think that all our feline pals are lucky, but calicos have a bit of a lead in this category as well. They’ve been considered to be good luck charms in many different cultures. For example, Japanese fisherman often brought calicos along on fishing trips, because they thought the kitties would provide protection from storms and jealous ghosts, in return, of course, for some fish. It also isn’t uncommon to find calico cat statues at the entrances to buildings.

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