Cute Ways Kids Can Celebrate National Cat Day

National Cat Day is coming up October 29th! This is a great time to celebrate our feline pals, and show them some extra TLC. If you have kids, you can also include them in the fun. A local White Rock, TX vet lists some adorable ways your children can help Fluffy celebrate her special day below. 


Treats are bound to get Fluffy’s little motor going. Canned tuna in water is always a good option. Store-bought goodies are fine, too. You can also offer your pet some plain deli meat or cooked, unseasoned meat, fish, or chicken. Just keep in mind that very young children may not realize that kitties can’t eat everything we can, and may inadvertently try to share things with Fluffy that aren’t safe for her. Keep a close eye on things!


Have your youngsters make something for your feline buddy. Catnip mice are an easy option. They don’t necessarily have to be shaped like mice. Sew a square shape, leaving just a small space. Use this to fill it with catnip, and then close it up. Fluffy may also appreciate a box castle or a homemade bed.


Watching kids play with cats is bound to be adorable. You will need to supervise playtime, however, especially if your kids are still very young. Be sure your youngsters know to be gentle with Fluffy, and not to pull her tail. 


Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your little ones occupied. Have them draw a picture of Fluffy. They can also write a song or poem about her. These things can make great scrapbook items! 


You’ll need Fluffy’s permission for this one: you should never force attention on a cat. However, if your furball likes attention, indulge her! This is a great way for your kids to bond with their kitty, and start to understand how special pets are.


Snap some fun photos of Fluffy with her tiny humans. These can make great ‘repeat’ photos, which you can redo every year. 


When you’re ready to wind down, settle in with the kids, some treats, and a great kitty movie. There’s definitely no shortage of movies that star or feature adorable cats! 

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