Choosing Dog Toys

Does your canine pal sometimes run up to you holding his favorite toy? Does Fido wake from a dead sleep if you touch his plushy owl toy? Dogs are super cute when they’re being playful! Picking out toys for your pooch isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind here. A White Rock, TX vet offers a few ‘pointers’ on the topic below. 


Making sure to pick toys that are the right size is very important. Fido could hurt himself on something that is too big or too small for him. For example, tennis balls can be great fun for Golden Retrievers, but are choking hazards for Saint Bernards.


Get into the habit of reading labels, and choose products that use safe, sustainable resources. You’ll want to be careful with things made overseas. Many places don’t have strict quality control guidelines for pet products. As a result, some of these items may contain harmful chemicals. 

Modern Playthings

Fido will never grow tired of doggy classics, like balls and chew toys. However, you can also offer your furry buddy something more modern, such as remote-controlled toys, automated ball launchers, or even treat-dispensing robots. Feel free to experiment! 

Plushy Toys

Plushy toys are pretty high on the list of Fido’s favorite playthings. This makes sense, as they so closely resemble the smaller prey that dogs hunt in the wild. However, small parts like buttons or plastic ‘eyes’ can be choking hazards for Man’s Best Friend. Some pups also try to eat the squeaker, which is also very dangerous. Remove small parts or pieces, and sew up any rips. 

Pull Toys

Many dogs love playing Tug O’ War. With this one, the potential issues are really more related to the game than the toy. Some pups get a little too excited over these games, which can lead to aggression. If your canine friend is on the feisty side, you may want to skip the rope toys.


Consider Fido’s age and activity needs. A puppy may need lots of chew toys, while a restless adult pooch may prefer puzzle toys or ones that dispense treats. Senior dogs, on the other hand, will like playthings that are softer on their mouths, or perhaps squeak or light up.

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