2021 Resolutions for Puppies

Happy New Year! Are you starting out the year with a new puppy at your side? If so, you’re in for some adorable moments over the next 12 months. Little Fido also has a big year in front of him, with some major milestones to cross. Here, a White Rock, TX veterinary lists some of the things on your fuzzy pal’s 2021 agenda.


Puppies grow very, very quickly. That rapid growth spurt can put quite a bit of strain on your canine pal’s body. Make sure little Fido is getting a nutritious, life-stage diet. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Learn How To Be A Good Boy

Fido forms very close bonds with his human pals. However, that friendship will be strongest if you can communicate with and control your pup. How do you do that? Training! Make sure your four-legged pal knows and obeys simple commends. Start with the basics, like Sit, Stay, Heel, Lay Down, and Come. Be sure to reward your adorable pet for doing well!  

Learn About Everything

Little Fido has a lot to learn about his world, and everything in it. Unfortunately, many dogs try to investigate things by, well, eating them. This can be very dangerous! Many household objects are extremely unsafe for dogs, and some can even be fatal. Do some puppyproofing, and make your place both safe and fun for your furry friend. 

Make New Friends

Socialization is extremely important for puppies, as it gives them the foundation they need to grow up into friendly, well-behaved adult pooches. Little Fido should visit lots of different places and make new friends, both two legged and four legged. We generally recommend hosting puppy parties. Of course, the coronavirus pretty much kills that idea, at least for this year. Doggy daycare is one option. You can also take Fido to parks or trails, and let people pet him. Just take care to follow social distance guidelines.

Charm My Doctor

Puppies will need to visit their veterinarians a few times during that crucial first year. Little Fido will need his initial exams and vaccinations. Spay/neuter surgery is also on the agenda, as is microchipping. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Happy New Year! As your White Rock, TX veterinary clinic, we look forward to helping your new canine companion grow into a happy, healthy adult dog. Contact us anytime!

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