Your Cat’s Mental Health

February is National Cat Health Month! Of course, we’ve spoken quite a bit about how to keep kitties physically healthy. As it turns out, Fluffy’s mental and emotional health is just as important! Things like stress, anxiety, fear, and grief can take a huge physical toll on both people and pets. In cats, this can lead to issues like overgrooming, anorexia, and digestive issues, which can definitely impact her health negatively. Read on for more information from a White Rock, TX veterinarian.


Boredom may not seem like a huge problem for a pet that spends most of her time sleeping. However, when Fluffy is awake, she will need something to amuse herself with, aside from just staring at the walls. Make sure your feline pal has lots of toys to play with, and get her some kitty furniture to climb and explore. We also recommend playing with your cat every day.

Fear and Anxiety

Just like people, cats can suffer from anxiety and a form of PTSD. If your furball seems extremely nervous, make sure she has plenty of hiding spots to go to if she gets scared. Your vet may also recommend giving her some kitty-calming pheromones. Toys and playtime will also help your anxious pet burn off that excess energy.


Cats do better by themselves than many other animals will, but they do get lonesome. Leave a radio or TV playing for Fluffy when you’re gone. The sound of music and voices will soothe her. If your feline friend often stays home alone for longer than the average work shift, you may want to consider getting her a buddy to play with.


Did you know that pets can get depressed? Kitties get very attached to their humans, and often bond with other pets as well. The sudden loss of a friend, whether two-legged or four-legged, can really take a toll on Fluffy. Pay extra attention to cats that may be in mourning, as well as around major changes, such as moves or changing owners.


Last but not least, cats also must feel loved to truly thrive. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy, and keep that little motor going. Cuddles, catnip, playtime, and conversation all help Fluffy feel secure and cared for.

As your White Rock, TX veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Please reach out to us anytime!

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