7 Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day is coming up February 20th! This is one occasion we’re happy to help shine some light on. While we think pets deserve to be loved every day, this is a wonderful time to show your furry friend some extra TLC. A East Dallas, TX vet lists some cute ways to honor this special occasion below.


There’s no bad time to take a cute picture of your pet. Smartphones have definitely made this easier! Snap some adorable photos of your four-legged pal, and use editing effects to perfect them.


If you’re a crafty type, why not draw your pet? If you want to do something a bit more practical, look up DIY pet products. There are some great ideas online for things like toys and beds that you can make your furry pal. These are also great options for kids.


Sadly, there are still far too many pets out there who don’t have anyone to love them and give them the things on this list. Consider making a donation to a shelter or rescue. If you’re ready for a bigger commitment, you can look into fostering or even adopting.


It probably isn’t a big surprise to find toys on this list. Playthings are very important to Fluffy and Fido’s health and well-being! They keep your fuzzy pal active and entertained, prevent boredom, and help strengthen the bond and love between you. Pick up some new playthings for your pet!


If there’s one thing that all of our patients share an opinion on, it’s a love of food and snacks. Offer your little buddy something special. Fido definitely deserves a steak or a burger. As for Fluffy? Some boneless salmon or tuna should get that motor going.

Veterinary Appointment

While your pet probably would be more interested in the other things we’ve listed, it’s very important for you to keep up with their health care. If Fluffy or Fido haven’t seen their doctor for a while, make an appointment today!


There’s almost no end to the products you can get your four-legged friend. However, at the end of the day, your dog or cat just wants to hang out with you. Spend some quality time with Fido and Fluffy!

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