Helping Your Shelter Dog Adjust

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is April 30th! If you’re planning to bring a shelter dog into your life, you certainly have our support. Of course, going to a new home is a big change for Fido, and one that can be quite overwhelming for him. In this article, a local White Rock, TX vet offers some tips on helping your new pooch settle in.

Be Prepared

If you can, have everything you need ready for Fido when you bring him home. Your shopping list should include food, toys, treats, bedding, a leash, a collar or harness, waste baggies, grooming supplies, more treats, dishes, a tie-out line, and even more treats. Petproofing is also important. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Expect The Unexpected

You may not be able to find out very much about Fido’s past. Even if you do learn his history, there will be a lot of things you don’t know … such as the fact that he’s terrified of vacuum cleaners or lunges after every squirrel he sees. When walking him, make sure you have a sturdy leash and a good grip on it. You don’t want him getting away and running off if something spooks him!

Give The Pup Time

This is a big one. Being in a shelter is just as scary and traumatic for dogs as you would expect. Fido may sleep a lot at first, as he recuperates. He’ll also just need time to settle in and feel safe in his new home. Don’t expect perfection, and don’t try to force his affection. Just let him have the space he needs. This is where all those treats come in handy. Later, you’ll need to dial it down, but for now, they’re great for bonding. 

Meet The Vet

Most shelter pets have already been fixed. Fido should also be current on his vaccines and parasite control. However, he’ll still need a thorough exam. Set up an appointment ASAP. While you’re there, get some professional feedback on your furry friend’s care needs.

Enjoy Those Tail Wags

It’s always heartwarming to see a shelter dog living his best life in a happy home. Love, good care, and lots of treats will help Fido feel loved and safe. You’ll be getting tail wags before you know it!

As your White Rock, TX veterinary clinic, we’re here for you. Contact us anytime!

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