Our Veterinarians

Dr. Lackey
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Lackey grew up on a farm and ranch in the Texas panhandle, where animal care was a natural part of life from day one. He always wanted to integrate his love of animals with his fascination for medicine in order to improve the lives of others—veterinary medicine was the obvious choice. Dr. Lackey has been serving the area’s pet owners here at Casa Linda Animal Clinic for over 45 years!

Dr. Lackey spent his high school years competing in agriculture and livestock judging, then headed to Texas A&M University to study animal care. He remained at the school for his undergraduate degree and veterinary education, then enlisted in the United States Air Force to serve as a base veterinarian. After Dr. Lackey’s time in the armed forces, he joined the Casa Linda Animal Clinic team as an Associate Veterinarian, where he would eventually become a partner and owner. He’s been here ever since!

Medically, Dr. Lackey has special interests in surgery and dentistry; he’s fond of the near-instant results these techniques can bring. He’s also passionate about managing the day-to-day and big-picture aspects of the clinic; he does everything he can to keep Casa Linda Animal Clinic cutting-edge while providing the highest-quality brand of compassionate, client-centered pet care.

Outside of his duties as a practice owner and veterinarian, Dr. Lackey can be found on the back of his bicycle or spending quality time with his family. He and his wife have two children and two grandchildren, and share their home with four pets of their own. Lola and Ollie are bulldogs, both of whom are highly skilled at napping. The Lackey family also has Gabby, a fluffy calico cat, and an outdoor cat named Buddy who never fails to show up for breakfast in the morning.
Dr. Debora Charles
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Debora Charles was told by her family at a very young age that she would become a veterinarian when she grew up. She didn’t disappoint! The older she got, the more Dr. Charles found herself fascinated by the idea of working with animals and their owners. Her passion never quit, and she’s now been bettering the lives of Dallas’s pets and animal owners here at Casa Linda Animal Clinic for 35 years.

Dr. Charles grew up in San Antonio, Texas with her parents, two siblings, and plenty of family pets. She was only 15 years old when she began working at a local small-animal clinic, and was working hands-on with larger creatures by the time she was 18. Dr. Charles attended Texas A&M University for her veterinary studies, then began interviewing at various clinics in the area after graduating with her DVM degree. The instant she walked in to Casa Linda Animal Clinic in the spring of 1983, she knew it was home!

As a vet, Dr. Charles has a special passion for internal medicine and never tires of the diagnostic process. Her favorite part of the day, though, is being able to give something back to the pet owners of the community. She’s thrilled to be able to make a true impact on the area’s families!

Dr. Charles has two wonderful children: her daughter, Haley, is a graduate of the University of North Texas and now works as a gemologist. Her son, Hayden, is in high school and loves sports Comicon and Game of Thrones. Dr. Charles also shares her home with a German shepherd, a Golden retriever, a spunky Chihuahua, 2 beta fish, and one canary.

At any time, she will discuss at length, jewelry, clothes and movies. She always jokes that Casa Linda is indeed a full service clinic, not just for pets.
Dr. Vrla
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Vrla has had a deep-seated passion for animal care ever since she was a young girl, and she always knew she wouldn’t be satisfied in another career path. She’s proud to serve the animal owners and pets of Dallas as one of Casa Linda Animal Clinic’s Associate Veterinarians, where she’s able to make a lasting impact on a daily basis!

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Dr. Vrla lived in Sioux City, Iowa for a brief period but spent most of her childhood growing up in San Antonio. She then moved to College Station and attended Texas A&M University, graduating with a double major in Biomedical Science and Marine Biology. Once accepted to veterinary school at Texas A&M, she worked in a local veterinary clinic outside of class in order to gain crucial real-world experience. She moved to Dallas after graduation from veterinary school to marry her husband, and started here at Casa Linda Animal Clinic shortly afterward. That was nine years ago, and Dr. Vrla hasn’t looked back since! She’s particularly passionate about cardiology work, preventative medicine, and veterinary dentistry, and loves connecting personally with pet owners to provide the best possible care for their four-legged companions.

When she’s not here at the hospital, one can find Dr. Vrla scuba diving, relieving stress by painting, vacationing, trying new restaurants, working out, and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband, Bryan, have a daughter named Brooklyn and a young son, John. The family lives with two dogs: Annabell, a Labrador, and a terrier mix named Ace.
Dr. Nicole Buch-McDaniel
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Nicole Buch-McDaniel grew up around the medical world—her mother is a nurse and her father is an orthopedic surgeon—but she always felt an obligation to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves. Having been raised around the beloved family pets, Dr. Buch-McDaniel knew that she wanted to help animals through the power of medicine. A career as a veterinarian was the perfect fit!

Originally from Dallas, Dr. Buch-McDaniel earned her undergraduate degree at Oklahoma State University, working at a local veterinary office during summer and holiday breaks to gain real-world experience. To obtain her veterinary degree, she was called abroad to Scotland to study at the University of Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine. After her veterinary schooling, Dr. Buch-McDaniel returned to Dallas and signed on with an emergency clinic in the area, where she would remain for the next five years.

Dr. Buch-McDaniel started working part-time shifts here at Casa Linda Animal Clinic in February of 2019 after being “recruited” by a colleague. She ended up loving the staff, clients, and patients so much that she decided to become a full-time member of the family! Dr. Buch-McDaniel has been caring for the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since, and she has special interests in orthopedic medicine and wound repair. Above all, she likes to see pets under her care be returned to their happy, healthy former selves.

Most of Dr. Buch-McDaniel’s free time is spent preparing for her first child’s arrival—she and her husband are expecting a baby boy very soon! She also likes to dabble in arts and crafts and has recently taken up painting. At home, Dr. Buch-McDaniel and her husband share their lives with a cat, Toph, and three loveable dogs: Nico, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Dolche the energetic and fluffy Pomeranian; and a mischievous Goldendoodle named Winnie.